How to pack a backpacking backpack!

The best way to to pack a backpackers backpack!

How to Pack a Backpack

There are a few basic things that you want to keep in mind when you are packing your backpack for an upcoming backpacking trip in order to balance the weight and keep your essential items easy to access:
1) Compress your sleeping bag down as tightly as possible with a compression bag and place it in the bottom compartment of your backpack or at the bottom of your backpack if it only has one compartment.
2) Your heaviest items should be placed towards the center of your backpack, on top of your sleeping bag, as close your back as possible.
3) If possible pack your water in a hydration reservoir, vertically and as close to your back as possible.
4) If your tent will fit horizontally, that should be packed next.
5) Pack your food, stove and any remaining water next.
6) Next pack your clothing in compression sacks and place that above your food and water towards the top of your backpack. If you have rain gear that needs to be accessed quickly them fold that and place it above your other clothing and outside of the compression sacks.
7) Pack your essential items and snacks at the top of the backpack or in the peripheral pouches so that you can either access them on the move or with little difficulty.
8) Depending on its dimensions, pack your camp pad either under your clothing or lash it to the bottom of your backpack, near your sleeping bag. Lash it as tightly as possible to your pack.
9) Lastly, make sure that all of your backpacks compression straps are pulled snug so that the backpack holds its gear tightly and so that weight does not shift while you are on the go.

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